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We're on WhatsApp!

We all know emails can get away from us sometimes (be honest, how many unread ones do you have?!)

So to keep in touch with our community we have set up our own Everyday Community Broadcast on WhatsApp to share info, in a more bitesize, simple way.

What is a WhatsApp Community Broadcast?

If you imagine a WhatsApp group chat as a room of people who can all see each other, and hear everything that is said, a Community Broadcast is the opposite.

Imagine a big house where each person is in a separate room and can't see, hear or speak to anyone else is in the house. BUT they can all hear the messages sent out on an over head tannoy by the admins of the group.

In a less metaphorical sense, a Community Broadcast means we can send out info to the same group of contacts but no one else signed up to the broadcast can see you in the group or access your personal information! And as it is over WhatsApp, we feel that is it much more convenient and less of an overload of information than a newsletter or email.

(Left: This is what it will look like on your phone!)

Some more important points about broadcasts:

  • No one will be able to contact you individually or use your mobile number.

  • No details about members of the Broadcast will be shared publicly.

  • Only Everyday Team members can see who is in the group

  • Only Everyday Team members will send messages in the group

  • We promise to keep Broadcasts to a minimum! No spam here!

How to Join

What do you think? Sounds good?

Click on the link below (on your mobile phone) and you will be guided through the simple process of joining.

If you’re still a little unsure, feel free to send us a message and we can have a chat with you about it!


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