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Meet the team


Hello! Let us introduce ourselves. We're a small team of creatives, each with our own specialities and creative interests, united by a common goal to widen creative and cultural access for people in Wigan and its surroundings. We care deeply about our work and the community of people we work with, and put our all into making good things happen! 

Four young white women are stood side by side in front of a brick wall, with a doorway at one end. Woman 1 is wearing pink dungarees with a black and white stripey top, and has blonde hair. Woman 2 has ginger hair, black circular rimmed glasses and is wearing a blue check dress. Woman 3 has short blonde hair and a lip piercing, she is wearing a black dress with a belt around it. Woman 4 has brown hair, and is wearing a burgundy dress.
Creative Director Louise has brown shoulder length hair, and is wearing a burgundy dress. She is looking to the right.
Louise Robson

Creative Director

Engagement Director Emily has ginger hair with a blonde streak in her fringe. She is wearing circular thick rimmed glasses, red lipstick and a blue check dress. She is pulling a cheesy grin looking off to one side.
Emily Calland

Engagement Director

Creative Project Coordinator Steph has short blonde hair, red lipstick with a lip piercing, and winger eyeliner. She is wearing a black top with a green vest underneath. She's looking at the camera.
Marketing Coordinator Emily has a blonde bob, and is wearing pink lipstick. She's wearing pink dungarees with a black and white stripey top.
Steph Peet

Creative Project Coordinator

Emily Robson

Marketing Coordinator

Our Board

With their depth of skills and expertise, spanning an array of sectors and backgrounds – we're also lucky to be supported by our wonderful board. 

Paul Smith

Board Member

Hannah is a white woman with dark brown hair, and wearing a blue patterned top.
Hannah Gaunt

Board Member

Board Member

Allison is a white woman with mid length brown hair. She's wearing thin rectangular framed glasses.
Emily is a blonde haired white woman. She's wearing a rust coloured stripy top and a love heart necklace.
Bethany Steventon-Crinks
WhatsApp Image 2023-04-17 at 14.46.44.jpeg
Allison McGuinness

Board Member

Emma King

Board Member

Critical Friends

Our Critical Friends bring a wealth of skills, knowledge and expertise to support our organisation's leadership.

Andee Collard

Critical Friend

Andee is a visual artist based in Bolton. He is interested in process, tools and how technology can be used in the production of analogue painting and drawing. He co-funded and runs Bolton Contemporary a socially engaged art group that works with people and organisations to make visual art. He believes making and interacting with visual art is something that should be accessible to everyone.

Afrocats Christmas Party 2022-114.jpg
Magdalen Bartlett

Critical Friend

Magdalen Bartlett is founder and CEO of Afrocats, a Black-led charity that works across Greater Manchester to support people who experience exclusion as a result of their economic or immigration status. Afrocats has been running as a charity since 2017 and acts as a powerful platform for people to have their voices heard. 

Amelia portrait_edited.jpg
Amelia Bayliss

Critical Friend

Amelia is the General Manager with Global Grooves and a Cause4 Fundraising and Philanthropy Fellow (2023-24). With a wealth of experience in Manchester's city based arts venues she is now eager to promote community-focused organisations in Greater Manchester's boroughs. As an advocate for community centred arts and culture she champions her town in her day job and as a Town Councillor, seeking opportunities to impact people, places, and communities. 

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