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This World of Ours - how to appreciate your local green spaces!

Over the summer holidays, we partnered up with Lancashire Wildlife Trust to recruit a group of nature-loving young artists and create a series of artworks that would encourage the general public to appreciate their local green spaces.


The Project

The project started with a trip to Wigan Flashes, where the group gathered visual research, and gained inspiration, focussing on the benefits we can gain from visiting places such as the flashes. Over the following weeks of workshops, the young artists were given the opportunity to experiment with different creative techniques, such as printing, collaging and cyanotype, to develop an artwork that represents their thoughts on visiting green spaces.

Building up to the event in Wigan Flashes on Wednesday 23rd August, we went with a ‘Wish You Were Here’ idea and turned the group's artworks into postcards, inspired by vintage posters, often seen in the likes of railway stations, the London Underground and Kew Gardens, to name a few! (Take a look at our Pinterest board to see the vibe we were going for). The group developed their own slogans before we sent them to print, ready for people to write a message to loved ones and post in our pop-up post-box!


Take a look at the full postcard collection below!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and sent a postcard, we hope your family and friends had a nice surprise when they got their post a few days later!


Project delivered by Everyday, in partnership with Lancashire Wildlife Trust.


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