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Taking Shape: Introducing Harley Bainbridge

Last year we received funding to develop Taking Shape, a new artist development programme. This was a paid opportunity for 6 established creative practitioners living and working locally to receive valuable training and support to develop their work with communities. Over the last few months, they have received training in project planning, facilitation, evaluation, environmental responsibility, first aid and safeguarding all whilst being supported to develop their own community projects.

As Taking Shape progresses, we thought it was about time we introduced you to the practitioners we have had the pleasure of working with over the last few months.


Harley Bainbridge

Photography based artist

Describe your artistic practice:

I am a photography based artist who aims to investigate and document the experiences of marginalised groups living in the North West of England whilst also challenging the typical representational modes of lens based mediums.

Why did you apply for the Taking Shape Artist Development Programme?

Having primarily worked independently, I applied for the Taking Shape programme hoping to learn more about working on funded projects, such as developing proposals and evaluations. I was also looking to further develop my network of potential partners and collaborators.

What do you think of the programme so far?

So far I've found the programme engaging and informative. I've met new practitioners, learnt about their practice and how they facilitated their projects and personal development. I've also had the opportunity to learn more about the process of funding projects and establishing sustainable practice. There's also been the fun of learning about my peer's practices, their influences and challenges.

Who are you inspired by?

Most recently I've been influenced by the work of Smita Sharma, a photojournalist who investigates Human Rights violations. I've found her work inspirational for her dedication to ethical and embedded practice.

You can follow Harley on Instagram here.

Check back next week to meet the next artist involved in our Taking Shape Artist Development Programme!


This programme is supported with funding from Arts Council England, Down to Earth and Wigan Council.


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