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Taking Shape: Introducing Eleanor Ferguson

Last year we received funding to develop Taking Shape, a new artist development programme. This was a paid opportunity for 6 established creative practitioners living and working locally to receive valuable training and support to develop their work with communities. Over the last few months, they have received training in project planning, facilitation, evaluation, environmental responsibility, first aid and safeguarding all whilst being supported to develop their own community projects.

As Taking Shape progresses, we thought it was about time we introduced you to the practitioners we have had the pleasure of working with over the last few months.


Eleanor Ferguson

Theatre Designer and Artist

Describe your artistic practice:

Eleanor Ferguson is a theatre designer, maker and artist based in Leigh and working across the UK, especially in the North West. She creates sets, costumes, puppets and props for a wide range of live events and performances, and especially enjoys creating immersive experiences that capture imaginations, inspire creativity, and unite communities.

Why did you apply for the Taking Shape Artist Development Programme?

I applied for Taking Shape because I found I was at a point where I was saying yes to every offered opportunity out of fear of being without work. I hope that after participating in this artist development I will be able to re-find my own passions and creativity and be equipped with the knowledge of how to generate my own work too.

What do you think of the programme so far?

So far the programme has been amazing at teaching me things that are going to be so useful in my practice, and the connections I've made with the other artists has been so inspiring. It has created time and space for me to think about my own work and what I might like to do in the future, which is something I don't normally have the headspace to think about!

Who are you inspired by?

Theatre designer Es Devlin, I watched a Netflix "Abstract: The Art Of Design" episode on her and her work before I started studying Theatre Design and it was amazing to learn about a whole new aspect of designing for audiences using light, shape and scale.

You can follow Ellie on Instagram here.

Check back next week to meet the next artist involved in our Taking Shape Artist Development Programme!


This programme is supported with funding from Arts Council England, Down to Earth and Wigan Council.


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