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Our Highlights of 2022!

And that’s another year over! 2022 has been a huge year for Wigan STEAM, we’ve engaged with more people than ever before, introduced new activities to our core programme and amongst all of that navigated moving premises from our old home of The Galleries into our new place of The Old Courts!

We’ve had such a busy year so we wanted to stop and have a think about which moments stood out for each of us and what we enjoyed the most! We’ve all managed to narrow down the year to two of our favourite moments - read on for a trip down memory lane!


Louise, Creative Director

"One of my highlights has been moving to The Old Courts after The Galleries shopping centre (where we were previously based) closed. Although our space is very different to our previous venue, we’re working with more people than ever and our events are now all wheelchair accessible, which was a huge motivation for us moving here. We have really settled in here and been made to feel so welcome by The Old Courts team."

"This year my favourite project was Wild Ways, which we delivered in partnership with Lancashire Wildlife Trust. Working with four artists, four schools, and delivering across four green spaces, the project encouraged people to get creative whilst exploring their local green spaces. It was wonderful delivering events in green spaces and encouraging people to explore places they might not have visited before."


Emily, Engagement Director

"One of my highlights of the year has been continuing to grow our Pottery Night community! It’s so wonderful meeting with budding and experienced potters every week and seeing them build their creations. I’m ready for more of this in 2023!"

"Another of my highlights from the year was being involved in the Women’s Euros Fan Party in Leigh over the summer! We held a flag making workshop at each event and met so many amazing people who lived nearby or had traveled over to watch the football. There was such a buzz around the place as people were looking forward to watching the match and getting involved with the different activities on offer."


Steph, Engagement Coordinator

"One of my highlights has been working on the young people’s programme (Young Makers and Young Producers) and this is for 2 very different reasons. Working with the Young Producers has been very inspiring, as each young person has taken a different approach in the art forms they are interested in. It’s so lovely to work with such a talented group of people who push themselves in different ways.

Working with the Young Makers has been amazing. We have met so many young people we have never worked with before and to see them throw themselves into different art forms with all the visiting artists and activities we have had has left a huge smile on my face."

"Another one of my highlights has been working with Creative Activators (the youth voice group for Culture Unlocked). We had a tour around cultural venues in Wigan and Leigh that welcomed us with open arms into their spaces. It was fantastic to be alongside the young people whilst they explored venues they had never been in, and to have such open, diverse and fascinating conversations with the young people and the artists/cultural organisations.

Also from an individual standpoint, it was inspiring to see so much happening in the Wigan and Leigh arts and cultural scene! Even the minibus journeys to and from the venues were great - the young people made me laugh and definitely kept me on my toes."


Emily, Marketing Coordinator

"One of my highlights of the year has been the HAF programme over the summer holidays. We got to meet and work with some amazing young people who were really enthusiastic and excited about the creative activities we were running each day. It was tiring and a long month! But so fulfilling to know we had engaged with so many children who had gained new creative skills and friends by coming back week after week."

"Another of my highlights of the year has been rounding off the Artists’ residencies from 2021. I loved seeing Carla & Natasha’s project outcome in the poetry film ‘Look Up’. Taking over the Woodland Fun Hub in the Grand Arcade with Ella Louise Jones for her Squishy Sculpture workshop was amazing, as we got to meet so many new people and introduce them to Ella’s tactile sculptures!"


We've had so many great moments over the last 12 months and we can't wait for more in 2023! We’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everybody who has visited us, supported us and worked with us over the last year.

If you have any memories you'd like to share, leave us a comment or head to social media and tag us @wiganSTEAM.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

The Wigan STEAM Team


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