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My Work Experience At Everyday

Daisy, an A-Level student from Bolton College, joined us at Everyday last week for a few days work experience. She wanted to get an insight into the world of marketing and working with community groups. She was a pleasure to have onboard with us for the week! Daisy has written a few words to describe what her week was like. (She's got us tearing up!)


This lovely team of people has asked me to create a blog about my experience during my work placement here, and I have nothing but positive things to say! 😊

It has been a busy but amazing week for me! Before this week, I had no clue what I wanted to do in the future... I was just a clueless 16 year old that had a slight interest in media and was given a work placement through my college. However, just three wonderful people have inspired me and welcomed me into a career I feel passionate about.

Most of the time, I worked with and assisted Emily with marketing (which is what I was there for anyway). For example, I did photography for workshops (i.e. Clay Club) and the 'Mini Ravers' event. I was mostly rushing around trying to get the best moments I could and then cutting it down to the most useful ones, then creating a reel with them.

Nicely transitioning into my next point, I helped to direct and create Instagram Reels and TikToks for their social media, which were created for many uses: promoting weaving workshops, summarising the photography I took as mentioned and silly TikToks for fun (I found this hilarious). I designed my own marketing campaign surrounding children's mental health, and whilst attempting to coordinate their company values into my work, I designed an online blog, a poster, and multiple social media designs. Not only have I developed many applicable skills, such as my teamworking and creativity skills, but I have been entirely inspired to follow this career path. This experience has taught me so much and I could not be more grateful. Examples of my photography are below, but have a look at their Instagram and TikTok to see the videos we have made, give them a follow too... (hint hint wink wink).

Aside from the practical 'boring' stuff, I have never met such a sweet, passionate and wonderful team of people. They are so fun and so lovely to be around. They have been nothing but kind and let me participate in their workshops (I made my own pot in clay club 😊) despite being there for work experience. I want to see more warm-heartedness and care in the world like how I have with these people this week; I think that other people should feel inspired by this team like I have. (They bought me coffee, cake AND a present on my last day; made the day 10x nicer)

I've had the most amazing time and I hope everyone else gets to experience how amazing you are!

Louise, Emily and Emily, thank you so much


Written by Daisy whilst on work experience with Everyday, June 2023


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