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Louise Robson to leave role as Creative Director

Louise Robson will be stepping down as Creative Director in April. This announcement follows 7 years of commitment to Everyday, 3 and a half of which have been as Creative Director. 

During Louise’s time with Everyday, she has developed the organisation across the board - from working with participants directly through delivering workshops and projects, to taking on a strategic role and fundraising, she has made a lasting impact on Wigan’s cultural landscape, as well as many members of our local community. 

During her time at Everyday, Louise has driven the growth of Everyday’s extremely successful youth programme, which now provides a pipeline for young creatives aged 11-25 to access creative opportunities and move into employment in creative careers.

Louise has also prioritised supporting local creatives to access paid work, both through employed and freelance roles - most recently she has led an ACE funded artist development programme ‘Taking Shape’, the legacy of which we hope will continue long into the future.

Louise’s biggest achievement within the role has been her approach to transforming the organisation’s strategy and vision, and the following rebrand which cemented Everyday as a vital participatory arts organisation within the region. 

Louise Robson, Creative Director, said:

“Everyday (or Wigan STEAM, as it was until 2023) has been a big part of my life for the last seven years. From coordinating our engagement programme and supporting artists to exhibit work, to learning to fundraise and developing a whole new strategy and brand for the organisation, I’ve enjoyed the experience massively. 
I’m so proud of everything that we’ve achieved as a team, particularly during my time as Creative Director over the last three years. One of the joys of this job is witnessing the journey that people go on as they discover their creativity, and knowing that I’ve played a tiny part in making that happen. It’s been so meaningful to be able to do a job like this in my hometown, which is something I never would’ve dreamt of when I was a teenager!
I will miss the team and our community members a great deal, but I will be back as a participant from time to time, and will enjoy seeing what the next phase of Everyday has in store.” 

Emily Calland, Engagement Director, said:

“Working with Louise to create and maintain Everyday has been a true joy in my life. For 5 years we have been two sides of the same coin, with a constant commitment to providing high class art provision for all.   
I’m really proud of Louise and all the beautiful things our team has created during this time. I will miss Louise terribly, but I am excited about the future! Everyday will continue to deliver, evolve and grow as an organisation and I have no doubt that Louise will succeed in whatever she decides to do.
P.s thanks for being the Abbie to my Illana."

Hannah Gaunt, Board Member said: 

“Under Louise’s leadership Everyday has gone from strength to strength during a time of real challenge for both the sector and society. Her vision and dynamism will be greatly missed, and we are indebted to her for setting the organisation up so beautifully for continued growth. The Board and Team are really excited about this next chapter for Everyday, and look forward to seeing what wonderful, creative things Louise moves on to do.”

As a result of this news, we are seeking a highly knowledgeable and experienced Interim Chief Executive Officer to guide Everyday through this period of transition. Information about the role and how to apply will be released later today.


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