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Join our board!

Do you know your way around a spreadsheet? Do you delight in making sure things add up? Do you want to support a small independent community organisation to grow? Join our board!

We’re seeking to recruit an individual with a background in finance/accountancy to support Everyday’s financial management as a board member.

You do not need to have an arts background, but an understanding of financial management within the context of the charity/third sector is preferable.

Please note that this role will not be used as an alternative to employing an accountant. The role of this individual will be to support the CEO in ensuring finances are managed correctly, to scrutinise the organisation’s finances with the rest of the board, and to share knowledge and provide advice regarding the organisation’s financial management. You will be required to attend four meetings, and contribute no more than ten hours of additional support, per year.


What does the board do?

The board, along with the Directors and Executive team:

  • Provides valuable insight and advice to help the organisation to grow

  • Ensures that the organisation is achieving what it sets out to, on behalf of the community and our funders

  • Tests and criticises the organisation’s activity

You will attend quarterly meetings during which you will:

  • Review the organisation’s previous activity, future planning, and finances as reported on by the Chief Executive Director

  • Advise the Chief Executive Director on relevant issues based on your experience and expertise

  • Have a say in decisions that affect the future direction of the organisation


If you are interested, but have questions, please email Louise on


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