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Children’s Mental Health Matters

Did you know that 1 in 6 children aged 5-16 are likely to have mental health problems? That’s 5 children in every classroom. Or did you know that young people having mental health problems has increased by 50% in the last 3 years?

As a community of empowerment, joy, creativity and collectiveness, we are inspired by the act of supporting those in need, especially young children who need this support the most. That’s why we run workshops for children of all ages, positively inspiring young people to be curious and creative. Most of the time, a young person’s life can seem as chaotic as Disney Pixar’s Inside Out. Who knows what could be going through a young person’s mind? Especially during a hard time. We create our workshops to support and welcome people into a positive community, and sometimes that is all a young person needs. In our sessions, they can socialise, be as artsy as they want to and relax, with no judgment! We want them to feel calm and comforted in our community, whether during a difficult time or a life-changing situation, we know it is a priority to help them feel fulfilled.


What do we offer?

Mini Makers

For children under age 5, we run Mini Makers every Wednesday to let the little ones be messy, although parents will know it’s the usual! This workshop lets younger children explore, be curious and be creative with their own little art project. The activities often include painting, clay, collage and drawing; this is designed to allow your child to be social, develop their motor skills, but also welcome them to self-expression!


Young Makers and Young Producers

Our youth programme is designed for children aged 11-17 who want to achieve creative success and develop their artistic imagination! Every fortnight, groups come together and develop their skills in digital arts, drama, painting and drawing, pottery, textiles, photography – you name it, we do it! In a non-judgmental, welcoming environment, young people are allowed to flourish in their creative skills and socialise with others to provide a sense of comfort if they’re struggling. Why choose our workshop, you ask? Well, the £25 payment for a full year's attendance is what makes us unique. Each session comes to less than £1 per session! Affordable and accessible, our workshops are something to feel inspired by.

If you are interested in signing up your child for Young Makers or Young Producers, please email to discuss being put on the waiting list for the new group to start early 2024!


Blog post written by work experience student, Daisy


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