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Terra:form say Goodbye for Now

Although our film has been delayed significantly due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions, we’re pleased to have made some initial progress in gathering insights and inspirations that will be of significant impact to our project. We were fortunate enough to be able to travel to Wigan inline with the government’s stance on COVID in early December to record some initial footage, talk to a few local people and make some audio recordings. We then used these initial materials to form a short teaser video to send out to various groups and local people, explaining the meaning and process of the project and also to scout out locations around Wigan that have both cultural and social significance. We also created a form of ‘media pack’ with the footage and audio recordings we made in an attempt to showcase the type of media we intend to use in the final film. This media pack consisted of a short teaser video, audio visualizations, abstracted archival footage and audio compositions using local datasets. We welcomed participants to respond to these media prompts in whatever way they liked, whether through photography, poetry, painting, sculpture, or even composition.

Alongside our initial recordings and media pack, we published a questionnaire to gather local people’s thoughts on various topics, from air quality and green spaces to urbanization and how water is integrated into the local surroundings. We’ve had some incredible responses thus far, and we will be using all the responses we’ve gathered to inform the final film. Our intention, when we are next able, is to film and record in the different locations across Wigan that people have mentioned in their responses, as well as using and re-appropriating people’s artistic responses to our initial media pack. In this way, our hope is to create a film that embodies communal perspectives and appreciations about Wigan and a film that can reintroduce notions of place that we have all been forcefully separated from for far too long.

Although the project has been halted at various points due to the current pandemic, we are positive that Terra:form’s final community based film will be produced and showcased later this year and we’re looking forward to being able to bring it to you in the near future.

If you'd like to contribute to the film, there is still time! Click here to find out how you can get involved.


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