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Pottery for Better Mental Health

We're excited to share not one, but two opportunities to join us for a free pottery programme, starting this month!

We recently secured funding from The National Lottery Community Fund and Dementia United's Big Brain Health Fund to set up two new, daytime pottery programmes for those in our community who need space for creativity the most.


Clay Club

Clay Club is a 40 week programme for adults living in Wigan to get creative with clay, learn the basics of pottery and develop enterprise skills. Don't worry, you don't have to commit to all 40 sessions! It’s an opportunity to join a supportive community, learn new skills and make friends. We'll even provide a free lunch!

This session is aimed at adults who are feeling isolated, struggling with their mental health, are unemployed or a carer, or who have additional access needs. If this sounds like you, or someone you know, get in touch!

When is it? Thursdays, 12.30pm - 3pm, starting 11th May
Where is it? The community room at The Old Courts

How To Sign Up:

We’re running Clay Club slightly differently from our Pottery Night in order to ensure that we prioritise those who experience barriers to participating in paid for activities. For this reason, all we ask is that anybody interested gets in touch with Steph, our Creative Project Coordinator, to sign up. She’ll ask you a couple of simple questions about your motivations for wanting to join the project and get you signed up. Although open to all, priority will be given to those who are on low income, are unemployed, have additional needs, or have caring responsibilities.

Email to find out more and get signed up!

Dementia-Friendly Clay Club

Dementia-Friendly Clay Club is an offshoot of Clay Club, a 10 week 'have a go' course which is aimed at people with dementia and their carers.

Do you know somebody with dementia, or somebody caring for an individual with dementia? Are you a carer for somebody with dementia? Get in touch!

When is it? Fridays, 1pm - 3pm, starting 12th May
Where is it? The community room at The Old Courts

How To Sign Up:

Anybody interested in signing up should email Steph who will ask you a couple of simple questions and get you signed up.

Email to find out more!

Please share this information with anybody who you think may be interested - we want to make sure we’re reaching those who would benefit the most!

Clay Club Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund

Dementia-Friendly Clay Club Funded by Dementia United, Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership’s Programme for Brain Health and Dementia


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