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Our Young Makers review the Museum of Wigan Life!

In the summer we went to the museum with Wigan STEAM. We walked down from The Old Courts and were shown around by Joan who works at the museum.

Joan showed us lots of stuff and we learned a lot. We saw the Egyptian artefacts, the pride exhibition and the library to look at all the old books - we also saw an old Womble teddy, it was a bit scary but I liked it. I really liked looking at the old swords that they had and all the old pictures.

I was inspired by the big grandfather clock that Joan told us about that was there, the pride exhibition. I found it very fascinating that the mayor wore a rainbow suit for pride, I never knew that. I also liked looking at all the old letters.

I think it is important for young people to go to places like this because when you are young and you see it, when you get older you can tell people what you have done. It’s a piece of Wigan's history and it can teach you what Wigan has been through. To be honest, I just liked all of it!


Written by our Young Makers after visiting The Museum of Wigan Life on 9th August 2022


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