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Looking back at our Dementia Friendly Clay Club

In April last year we were awarded £2000 from Dementia United’s Big Brain Health Fund to set up our Dementia Friendly Clay Club for 10 weeks. We wanted to provide a place for those with dementia or caring for someone with dementia, to have a few hours respite and enjoy some mindful creativity with clay.

Over 10 weeks, we worked with 150 participants who joined us for just one session or every session and have been able to learn pottery skills as well as having a reliable place to socialise with others who may have the same lived experiences as them.

Our main goals for this project were to give participants a feeling of accomplishment, allowing them to gain confidence by having new and different experiences and opportunities, within the space.


We were also paid a visit by Dementia United's marketing team who filmed a beautiful video to capture our wonderful Clay Club community. Watch that below!

Over the course of the 10 weeks, we collected feedback from the participants to gain an understanding of whether Clay Club had had an impact on them. You can download our report below to view everything we gathered.

Dementia Friendly Clay Club Report
Download PDF • 10.67MB


The Everyday Team want to say a big thank you to Dementia United's Big Brain Health Fund for awarding Everyday the funds to run this valuable project.


Funded by Dementia United, Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership’s Programme for Brain Health and Dementia


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