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Get Involved with Artist Discuss!

Artist Discuss was founded in 2018 and is delivered on a voluntary basis by Wigan-based artist Liz Chapman. It was initially set up as a discussion session but now offers a series of online resources to help artists with their practice and encourage peer support. The aim of Artist Discuss is to bring artists of all creative backgrounds together for peer support and practical advice through online forums.

Liz works in fellowship with TERM Art Classes delivered by artists Anna FC Smith and Klaire Doyle. The fellowship shares social media accounts, a website and benefits from the collaboration and peer support shared by this artistic partnership.

Artist Discuss offers;

A regular feature, giving artists the opportunity to ask anonymous questions. Ask a question and we will share it across our @artdiscussterm social media accounts for other artists to respond with their advice and thoughts.

An online catalogue of all of the answers to our 'Question?' feature.

A space to ask questions, request a crit on your art work, offer support, share your artwork, ideas and open discussion up to your artist peers.

If you need inspiration for your art, try our art theme generator. We add themes on a regular basis, so there’s always something new to inspire you.

Coming soon… Online Art Feedback

If you are an artist or arts professional, we need your help!

Liz is seeking to set up a quick and easy way for artists to receive professional feedback about their art, work processes and to learn how to develop their artists practice. Artists will be able to submit art to be critiqued and request help with their artistic development.

We are looking for artists/arts professionals to become ‘Art Feedback Volunteers’ to help in the process. You will be contacted by Liz when a new request is received and asked to provide constructive and fair feedback. In return, we will feature you on the website and across our social media platforms. Find out more here.

Find Artist Discuss on social media @artdiscussterm

Or click here:


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