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Funding News!

We are delighted to announce that we will be re-joining GMCA’s cultural portfolio and receiving a total investment of £148,500 over the next three years. We will receive funding through GM Culture’s ‘Spirit’ strand, which is intended to support locally loved and important organisations of strategic importance to Greater Manchester’s “cultural ecosystem”.

Mini Makers, February 2023

We have been part of GMCA’s cultural portfolio since April 2018, and we’ve since utilised investment to provide employment for artists in the region, deliver a successful youth programme, and run a variety of events, workshops and projects which widen access to creativity and culture for people of all ages and backgrounds in Wigan. Wigan STEAM, along with the 39 other organisations funding through the portfolio, will contribute to goals set out in the new Greater Manchester Strategy.

Our Young Producers trialling Michael Beigel's Maths Escape Room, developed during his residency, funded by GMCA. February 2023

Louise Robson, Creative Director said,

“We are so pleased that GMCA are continuing to support the vital work we do to provide creative and cultural activity for people in Wigan and Greater Manchester. It’s a huge boost to know that we are funded for three years, and will allow us to be more strategic in growing the organisation and our impact. We’ve got lots of exciting plans, including a rebrand and name change which has been two years in the making - the funding means this will go ahead in the Spring. We’re really thankful for the continued support from GMCA.”

The funding will primarily be used to grow our youth programme, now going into it’s fifth year, which provides opportunity for young people to achieve Arts Award. It will also support early years and family activities across the borough, and support artist development across the Greater Manchester region.

Artist Paul Pickford working with our Young Makers, September 2022


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