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Have you ever wondered how you can support us to deliver our community projects & continue to run programmes such as Young Makers, Young Producers & Mini Makers?

As an not-for-profit organisation every penny counts, which is why we've set up a donation page so it's easier than ever for you to donate if you feel like you can. The donation page allows you to donate however much you'd like, and you can even set up a monthly donation so you can support us regularly.

Keep an eye out at the next event you attend with us, as we will also have our card reader set up where you can tap it to pay a one-off donation of £3!

Donations support us to keep the lights on, pay our talented staff, plan our creative programmes & deliver wonderful community projects with people of all ages in Wigan. They also allow us to offer people free places on certain programmes, to ensure that everybody can access our activity.

We really appreciate every single penny we receive & want to say a big thank you to those of you who have already donated & set up regular donations. It means the world to us & our community members.

Thank you! 💖

Access our donations page here.


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