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An insight into the making of our Young Makers' magazine: We're Weird and Here's Why!

Our group of Young Makers recently embarked on a project with artist, Chris Alton, to create a magazine that represents their identities and all of the things that makes them, them! They decided to name the magazine: 'We're Weird and Here's Why' and filled it with colourful illustrations, collages, poems, thoughtful written paragraphs and memes!

We asked one of our Young Makers to summarise their experience of making the magazine and give us an insight into the process!

"One STEAM session, we were introduced to an artist called Chris, and Chris said to us that he was gonna teach us what a zine was, and we were gonna be making one. To begin the making of the zine, we all sat down and brainstormed ideas for our pages for one session, and then for several more sessions we were let loose on the paper and meme templates. We were mainly left to our own devices, giving us a lot of room to do what we wanted to with our zine. Some of us also created several pages for the zine, or ‘adverts’ to place inside, if we had the time to do it. Once the majority of pages were done, a couple of us got to work on the cover. We suggested names for the zine and voted on them. We ended up with We’re weird and here’s why, and that’s sat proudly on the cover. Once all the pages were ready, it got sent off and came back as our zine! Overall, I enjoyed the experience, the creative liberty we had was amazing, and I love the final product."

On 29th January, we celebrated the success of the zine with a launch day and tasked the Young Makers with creating their own mural. We think they did a brilliant job!

Check out the magazine below!


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