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Random Acts of Kindness Day 2024


We were commissioned by Wigan Council to create 150 affirmation badges that they could hand out during their celebrations on Random Acts of Kindness Day. We worked with our Mini Makers to create the colourful backgrounds for the badges and our Young Makers and young Producers to come up with quotes and positive messages to add to the badges. Let us know if you got one!


TERM Art Classes School Residencies


Funded by GMCA, we gave TERM Art Classes (created by Anna FC Smith and Klaire Doyle) the opportunity to take their Practical Art History lessons into a variety of education settings in the borough. Designed to make art history more interactive and accessible, Practical Art History Lessons combine an illustrated lecture with practical activities related to a vast selection of artists. TERM Art Classes are usually run online, but Anna and Klaire wanted to test out the lectures in schools and colleges to discover if they could be a useful tool for teachers. Artists covered were William Blake, Banksy and Hilma AF Klimt but TERM's catalogue is vast! You can browse the artists covered by accessing their menu here. You can also check out TERM Art Classes events here.

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